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Fellwater Troggoths are vicious creatures that lurk in foreboding swamps, murky rivers, and crumbling sewers, preying on any unlucky enough to cross their path. With webbed feet, barnacles covering their scaly bodies, and reeds tangled up around them, these monsters emanate a putrid odor worse than any plague pit. Armed with wicked talons and creekwood clubs, they launch jets of corrosive vomit at their foes to soften them up before tearing into them.


This multi-part plastic kit builds 3 Fellwater Troggoths – foul aquatic brutes summoned by the Gloomspite. It includes all the components you need to make your models truly unique; 3 scaly bodies, 5 finned crests, 5 pairs of arms with spiked clubs and filthy talons, and 5 snaggle-toothed heads – including 1 with a nasty projectile vomiting attack. This kit contains 47 plastic components and comes complete with 3x Citadel 50mm Round Bases.


Build your own Fellwater Troggoth horde today!

Fellwater Troggoth

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$55.10Sale Price
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