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Blackened Paper


The Drukhari are a sinister race of alien reavers and plunderers, once the rulers of a vast galactic empire. Driven by an insatiable hunger to inflict suffering upon those weaker than them, they wield pain as an art form, using their fleetness and agility to great effect in battle. Now you can lead your own realspace raid with the Combat Patrol: Drukhari kit which contains 25 Power Level's worth of models - perfect for smaller-scale games!


This starter set includes the following multipart plastic units: 1 Archon, 10 Kabalite Warriors, 5 Incubi, 1 Raider, and 1 Ravager. All models come with the appropriate Citadel bases, plus a Drukhari transfer sheet. With Combat Patrol: Drukhari in your hands, you're ready to commence your own realspace raid! So assemble your force and show no mercy - the weak deserve none!


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