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War Zone Nachmund: Fronteris is an essential terrain expansion set for fans of Warhammer 40,000. This kit contains a selection of modular pieces built to simulate the Imperial fortifications dotting the blighted planets of this war zone. Designed to hold back and repel invading forces, these structures have stood the test of time, even out on the remote Imperial frontiers.


Filled with 119 plastic components, it offers great value compared to buying each piece individually. This set includes 2 STC Hab-bunkers, 6 Stockades, 2 Stockades with Doors, 1 Landing Pad, 1 Vox-Antenna, and 1 Auspex Shrine. Setting the scene for all-out brawls amidst an Imperial wasteland, the 2 included double-sided folding gaming boards can be used individually or combined for larger battlefields. With this kit, you can create realistic battlefields for Combat Patrol or Incursion-sized games of up to 1000 points.


Start or expand your collection today and recreate the fierce battles fought on the inhospitable frontier worlds of War Zone Nachmund!

Battlezone: Fronteris - Nachmund

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