Limited Edition Muse Tartlets

The Muse is an ever evolving seasonal surprise, It could be sweet, savory, spicy, gluten free, vegan or all of the above and uses what we have in the garden and orchard at the moment. We use as many ingredients from our farm as possible.

Summer Muse Tartlet


Summer Muse Tartlets 



The chilled Pop Tartlet

Gluten Free

Reimagine your salad!

Enjoy like a sorbet on a warm summer day, eat it as it melts...

Get all your greens and fiber with this Summer tartlet dream: packed with dark leafy greens, seasonal fruit and a just a dollop of creamy fromage blanc. No Crust

Ingredients will vary: Spinach, parsley, mint, seasonal fruit, fromage blanc,


The Ibiza Tartlet

Gluten & Dairy Free

This Tartlet has been one of our standard weekly dishes at home. After spending a month each year in Ibiza while my daughter was young, we would eat this at every tapas hour. Here we’ve added the untraditional ingredients of sweet potato and greens, because they are so good for you and they make it a healthier well rounded meal. 

We use a mix of our pastured chicken and duck eggs, sweet potatoes, yukon gold  or yellow potatoes, caramelized onions and seasonal greens.

The type of greens (kale, Spinach, arugula )

and the garnish will change with the seasons (carrots, peas, tomatoes, micro-greens, kale blossoms…)

Serving suggestions - Add a little aioli and extra greens on top after heating.


The Ibiza Tartlet - Gluten Free

  • Yukon Gold or Yellow Potatoes, Onions & Seasonal Greens - Greyback Farm (our farm),  Wandering Roots Certified Organic Farm (Gold Hill, OR) , The Grants Pass Growers Market or Earl's Organics (San Francisco, CA) (certified organic or organically grown)
  • Pastured Duck (organic feed)  and Chicken Eggs - Greyback Farm (our farm)
  • Corto Olive Oil  - Lodi, CA
  • Sweet Potatoes (certified organic)- Doreva Produce,  Livingston, CA
  •  Seasonal garnish: sage, peas, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, bachelor buttons (edible flowers), blueberries etc - Greyback Farm (our farm- organically grown)

Paper Container is made from 100% recycled paper: oven, microwave, toaster oven and freezer safe. Biodegradable and recyclable, unbleached, domestically manufactured and sourced from sustainable forestry initiative mills.

SAMPLE NUTRITION LABEL - The Ibiza Tartlet (varies slightly with each season)

8.23.17 Ibiza Tartlet - Nutrition basil blossoms.jpg