Summer - Raspberry Rose - Savory Tartlet

Summer - Raspberry Rose - Savory Tartlet

TARTLET COLLECTIONS - Extraordinary Restaurant Quality Frozen Meals

A healthy, fast, nutritious meal that fits in the palm of your hand, tastes homemade and from frozen is ready to eat in minutes!

We make our savory vegetarian tartlets by hand at our farm in small batches, using seasonal ingredients local to California and Oregon.


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We're redefining the term "Tartlet":

Some of our Tartlets have a crust and others may not.

We have two classic flavors that are available year round. We also have The Limited Edition Muse Tartlets, that arrive with the changing of the seasons.

All of our tartlets are a full meal or make a delicious healthy side dish to any meal. 


The Frenchy

Available at stores and on line year round

Goat cheese, kale, sweet potato & caramelized onion in a whole wheat crust:

This Tartlet came from our years spent in France. A typical quick meal in the countryside is an onion or tomato tart, we took it to the next level and made it healthier.

Our hearty crust uses organically grown whole grain - whole wheat and just a touch of corn flour for texture. We also use our very own pastured eggs and local rbst hormone free butter.

This is the most nutritious wheat you can buy, it includes the bran & germ, ground in a stone mill the day we order it from a farm 30 minutes from ours.  

We fill the tartlets with caramelized onions, goat cheese and kale topped with a slice of sweet potato.



The Vegan - Gluten & Dairy Free Tartlet

Available at stores and on line year round

Bean & quinoa - No Crust

(It's not just for vegans anymore)

This tartlet came out of the need for a high protein meal after a work out. Packed with 17 grams of protein, and if your not vegan add an egg and cheese as suggested below and you’ll feel absolutely satisfied. Excellent for breakfast lunch or dinner.

PNW beans, caramelized onions, quinoa, kale, olive tapenade, sweet potato and tomatoes.

Serving suggestions for non vegans - add feta or goat cheese, pickled jalapenos and steam an egg on top in a pan. They also make a yummy side to any meal.


Seasonal Muse Tartlet:

Squash Mousse with Umami Fromage or Chévre



The Limited Edition Muse Tartlet - Not Available in Stores

To keep it exciting for our CSA customers, we introduce new muse tartlets with the changing of the seasons.

This tartlet uses a variety of organically grown squash from our farm to make a thick mousse.  Sierra Nevada Chévre or Fromage blanc from By George Creamery is blended with our own handmade chimichurri and vegetarian demi-glace. It has a little jalapeno kick and when it's heated the two become one.

The Vegan option uses a beet and bean purée mixed with the chimichurri and vegetarian demi-glace. 

By George Creamery is in The Little Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. A small herd of Jersey cows graze on their pastures and produce a variety of handmade artisanal raw-aged and pasteurized cheeses.



Sous Vide Egg Tartlet



A Limited Edition Muse Tartlet - Not Available in Stores

Pastured chicken eggs from our farm top off our classic bean & quinoa tartlet. We add a touch of pickled jalapeños from Simple Roots Family Farm for a little kick. Heat this up just right and the egg is a custard creamy dream! These are a bit more expensive than our other tartlets, but worth it!

By special request we'll make these with our pastured organic Rogue Duck Eggs. Email us below.


Tartlet Collections


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The French style tartlet - "I have to admit, this is the tartlet that drew me in when I first tasted Wendy’s tartlets. The crust is crispy and wholesome (maybe it’s because the germ and bran are included!), and the tart had an over all sweetness from the vegetables (but not too sweet). It felt more dainty than the rough and tumble bean and quinoa tart. I felt like I could serve it as an elegant side dish at a meal."

— Miss Cheese Monger (San Francisco Food Blogger -  Interview & Review) 

“The olives compliment the bean and quinoa tartlet SO WELL!!!! I want another one! And yes I am just now eating lunch at work. ”

— Kate
(customer review texted to me 4:29 pm 6.7.18)


“I own my own business and work on my feet all day with barely a moment to sit down and eat. I order these in bulk every month so I always have them in my freezer for a quick lunch or dinner. They fill me up and are filled with nutritious, organic, local ingredients. My kids even eat them when I don't feel like cooking & I never feel guilty eating them.”



“These tarts are not only beautiful, they are seriously delicious. I have benefitted from Wendy’s yummy yet simple and generous cooking. They are so yummy, filling, beautiful and such a staple in your freezer. A great winter present for anyone who loves food and/or is a vegetarian.”

-- Michele


“I keep these in the freezer for quick dinners when I get home late from work, lately my dad has been sneaking them and I had to tell him to buy his own! Plus, I don't like goat cheese on anything, but I'v been surviving on these tarts! ;.)”



"Best veggie tarts I've ever had and you can order online. Best to keep in the freezer for a dinner or brunch."



Watch the making of our handmade tarts and our holiday video.


Local to Oregon & California

Ingredients are sourced from Southern OR & Northern CA: Greyback Farm, Dunbar Farms, Grants Pass Growers Market & Earl's Organics :

We use as many ingredients from our farm as possible; our pastured eggs, non-GMO seeds, organically grown and certified organic ingredients. 

While we follow organic growing methods; we are not a certified organic farm. Each year our focus is to get closer to growing as much of our own produce for the tartlets as we can. When and if it makes financial sense, we'll get organically certified.

We also source from farms that follow organic farming methods.

When items are out of season for us we source from Earl’s Organics in Northern, CA.

The tartlets are hand-made, in small batches, in a certified kitchen at the farm in Grants Pass, OR.

Unprocessed, no preservatives, no artificial colors or ingredients, just real food.

Breakfast Berry Tartlet


Order a 10 pack each month to get this tartlet in your box.

Wheat berries, quinoa, our farm fresh berries, fromage blanc, peas and pedals.


The Limited Edition Muse Tartlets

To keep it exciting for our customers we introduce new muse tartlets with the changing of the seasons.

These will be very limited edition tartlet collections, get on the list to get 1st dibs.

These could be sweet, savory, spicy, gluten free, vegan or all of the above and will utilize whatever we happen to have in the garden or the orchard at the time.

Chilled Pop Tartlet



Order a 10 pack each month to get this tartlet in your box.

Reimagine your salad...eat it like a sorbet on a hot Summer day.

Packed with fiber, hand picked from our farm, whole greens not just juice. Seasonal greens: kale, spinach, chard, arugula, pea shoots with seasonal fruit, mint and a dollop of fromage blanc.









San Francisco, CA

Rainbow Grocery Co-op: One of the originators of "The Peoples Food System" in San Francisco. They opened in the summer of 1975 with volunteer labor. Now They are the standard for what an organic vegetarian grocery store brings to a community.

1745 Folsom Street @ 13th Street San Francisco CA, 94103

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Other Avenues Grocery Co-op: The first and the original co-op in San Francisco since 1974. Also one of the originators of "The Peoples Food System".

3930 Judah Street @ 45th & 44th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122
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Mt. Shasta, CA

Berryvale Grocery -  So happy to be in my hometown grocery store, the town where I was born & where I return to all year long.

305 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd. Mount Shasta, CA 96067
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Grants Pass, OR


Grants Pass Growers Market  -  RUNS YEAR ROUND - 

We're generally at the market once or twice a month: click below to see the dates.


Winter Indoor Market - Josephine County Fairgrounds starts November 4th 2017

November - March

9am - 1pm


Summer Outdoor Market - F St. & 4th St. Downtown

March 17 - October 28th

9am - 1pm


Gooseberries Natural Grocery Store - 1201 Redwood Hwy / Phone: (541) 471-2700

Applegate Valley, OR

Whistling Duck Farm Store12800 Williams Hwy - Phone: (541)761-6772


Rogue River, OR

Easy Valley Farm Store  - 2557 East Evans Creek Road (326.51 mi)
Rogue River, Oregon 97537 / Phone:(541) 582-8089

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