The French Style Tartlet - Goat Cheese & Caramelized Onion


·      Tartlet Filling:

o   Onions and Kale - Greyback Farm (our farm),  Wandering Roots Certified Organic Farm (Gold Hill, OR), The Grants Pass Growers Market or Earl's Organics (San Francisco, CA) (certified organic or organically grown)

o   Goat cheese –Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. Pastured, hormone and antibiotic free. (Willows, CA)

o  Certified Organic Olive Oil -  from California Coast Naturals , a small family olive farm in Santa Barbara, they've been growing organic olives for over 30 years.

o   Sweet Potatoes (certified organic)- Doreva Produce, Livingston, CA


·      Tartlet Crust:

o   Whole grain - whole wheat flour, & corn flour (organically grown, non GMO, includes the bran & germ, unprocessed, unbleached, ground in a stone mill the day we order it) Dunbar Farms (Medford, OR)

o   Butter ( churned, pasteurized sweet cream, rbst hormone free) Umpqua Dairy (Roseburg, OR)

o   Pastured Eggs – Greyback Farm (our farm) Grants Pass, OR


Paper Container is made from 100% recycled paper ( sourced from Solut): oven, microwave, toaster oven and freezer safe. Biodegradable and recyclable, unbleached, domestically manufactured and sourced from sustainable forestry initiative mills.