Winter at The Farm 2017

The Rogue Traders at Greyback Farm

Farm-to-City Sustainable Foods

Savor The Seasons: Savory Tartlet Collections, Rogue Duck Eggs, 100% Grass-fed Lamb.

Southern Oregon and San Francisco

#BeROGUE - We can all be pasture raised!

Mom saving summer at Greyback Farm

Mom saving summer at Greyback Farm

In the Rogue Valley, by the Rogue River we are The Rogue Traders - a 100% farmer and women owned business in Oregon

The Rogue Traders is the label and brand that we sell our products under, we are based at Greyback Farm, our families seven acre farm in Southern Oregon.

We believe in the small farm sustainable food movement,  supporting our family farm while also supporting other small farms in Southern Oregon and Northern California (our route between the farm and the city). 

We started with our Rogue-raised pastured duck and chicken eggs and our 100% grass-fed pastured lamb.

Our latest addition is our SAVOR THE SEASON TARTLET COLLECTIONS - frozen, savory & seasonal meals. The tartlets are a complete meal or can be a side dish to any meal. Made by hand and primarily from the produce we grow using organic and sustainable farming methods. Our ultimate goal is to grow all of the produce used in our products.  We source from certified organic and small farms following organic and sustainable farming methods.

We are developing The Rogue Traders to be as sustainable as possible.

Solar power provides over half the energy needs of the farm, and we have a goal of being 100% solar by 2020. We have a small pond and stream and irrigate the land with water from The Rogue River.

The Rogue Traders came about because we are a bit ROGUE and have been known to barter, trade and travel quite a bit ourselves. And since the family farm is in the Rogue Valley next to the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, the name became self-evident. Our logo "The Wave" represents how water is our most valuable asset in life and farming.

The Tartlets came into being because raising a child doesn’t leave a lot of time to cook every night. Wendy, the founder,  started making the tartlets and freezing them, so she would have a quick easy, healthy meal on hand at all times.  Now feeding other people with busy lives has turned into a full time business.

Join us on our Rogue journey. Being Rogue isn’t just a job it’s a lifestyle!


The Rogue Traders & The Greyback Farm Family

Wendy & Dan adding to the Compost pile.

Wendy & Dan adding to the Compost pile.

Greyback Farm

The farm is owned by the parents; both educators from the Medford school district turned farmers in their retirement, Dan and Pam are master gardeners, have lived in Southern Oregon since 1986 and come from families that were farmers on the West coast.

The farm and The Rogue Traders is a family affair with; their daughter-Wendy,  grand daughter-Lolita (who helps out during school holidays), son-Ryan and Pam's sister-Lynda.

We are not a certified organic farm, but we follow organic and pasture farming methods and give organic local feed to our ducks along with fresh veggies from the garden.

 The ducks also love having their own stream and swimming hole that's fed by The Rogue River!

We're all pasture raised now!

Wendy working on a fermentation project.

Wendy working on a fermentation project.

The farm hands, brother and sister team in their matching rubber boots - Ryan & Wendy

The farm hands, brother and sister team in their matching rubber boots - Ryan & Wendy

Wendy Testu - Founder & Farmer

Wendy is in transition between living in San Francisco and at the Farm.

Born in Mt. Shasta, CA and raised all along the West Coast, she graduated from High School in Medford, OR and moved to San Francisco for college.

She's had a varied career in design and the arts in the Bay Area. 

In 2011 Wendy started helping out at her families small farm, very soon her career path took a turn and she found herself choosing the farm life over fashion.

Wendy's been a fashion designer, owned small business's with her family in the city, was a sculptor and installation artist, ran arts programs in schools, was awarded several grants to work with non-profits on community engagement projects and was a director of a small design company. She also spent many months in France and Spain over several years and has traveled extensively for work and pleasure. She's also an Airbnb host, renting out her house in San Francisco has helped her fund the Rogue Traders.

Wendy's art form is now food and farming; creating edible art collections with sustainably grown food for people with busy lives.

Every 2-3 weeks during the school year she travels between the farm and the city and stays at the farm all summer. She will continue to do so until her daughter finishes high school.

Wendy is also an avid paddle boarder and is happiest when she's camping next to a lake. "The Wave" logo speaks to her ROGUE traveling spirit, love for being on the water and the farms most valuable asset, water from The Rogue River.

#BeROGUE - We can all be pasture raised!

Lita & Cosmo

The Wave Logo

The seed money for The Rogue Traders is coming from our Airbnb vacation rental in San Francisco.  Do come and stay,  we rent the entire house during the summer and school holidays and just the room downstairs on occasion, your stay will directly support sustainable food and agriculture.

Someday we also hope to have a cottage or two close to the farm for farm stays, artist residencies and working internships. 

Follow the link below to see more about our "French Victorian" on Airbnb in San Francisco.